Ham radio
Homepage of Thomas Rode (DL1DUZ)

Last update 01/04/2016

These pages provide a more or less loose collection of by-products from some of my projects, which I would like to share. Following the links on the left will get you to:

- DSP (Digital Signal Processing)

* some algorithms and general information

- Ham Radio (also known as Amateur Radio)

* SDR-software, satellite antenna tracking, general information

- Java

* You are interested in SDR? Try "BitRadio", a Java-based "Software Defined Radio" that runs on Linux, Windows,...!
* You are planning to program SDR or DSP software yourself? Get some of the Java-classes "BitRadio" is made of!
* You are looking for Java-classes providing arbitrary precision math?
* Or how about a better way to manage your ever-growing number of passwords?
* You would like to download my freely scalable clock to place it on your homepage or set it up as a screen saver?

All this and more can be found here.

- Arduino

* Following the link you can view and download some useful results of my work with the "Arduino" -controller.
This collection will still be growing (if time permits).

- Number puzzle

* just a little, entertaining by-product of my work on DSP