Ham radio
Homepage of Thomas Rode (DL1DUZ)

Last update 09/05/2019

Thanks for visiting my homepage.

All software and designs are public, free of charge and come without any warranty. The originator is not legally liable for any damages that come about.

Following the links on the left you will find the results of some of my work on:

- DSP (Digital Signal Processing)

* algorithm to compute a DFT for an arbitrary set of frequencies
* method for direct synthesis of an arbitrary waveform signal

- My long-term hobby Ham Radio (also known as Amateur Radio)

* details on the various designs of my multiband (160-6m) WSPR beacon
* a simple multi-platform Software Defined Radio based on the Java™ programming language including all core classes
  (if you want to do some programming around SDR by yourself)
* a low-budget approach for tracking high orbit satellites
* Ein Link zur Begleitseite für meinen Artikel in der "CQ DL" 6-2018 (einige hatten Probleme, diese Seite zu

- Java™

* Some libraries from my work with Java™ (Software Defined Radio, arbitrary precision math, a password generator, ...).
  Just take a look around.

- Arduino™

* The same as above but from my work with the Arduino™ µ-controller. Libraries, sample sketches but also fully
  documented projects (e.g. a Nixie tube clock, the already mentioned WSPR beacon, a GPS outdoor unit transmitting
  telemetric data, various GPS clocks and lots of general purpose libraries).