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Some characteristics of WSPR-beacon 2.0:

- as before, all code is open source and well commented

- as before supports SWR aquisition and PA protection

- as before, lots of parameter are user-defined (timezone, bands, duty
cycle, fixed or random frequency selection, ...)

- the parameter "band-selection" and "duty-cycle" that might be subject
to frequent changes can now be accessed interactively using a PC and
do not require updating the beacon software.

- it uses a remote GPS unit to acquire QTH-locator and date/time

- data is being cyclically broadcast by the GPS unit on 433 MHz ISM band
and may be used by other devices (e.g. ham shack clocks)

- existing beacon hardware can be reused (simply hook-up the ISM
receiver to the port the DCF77 unit was connected to, which is D2)

- additional outputs of the remote unit that can be displayed are current
position, speed, altitude, outside temperature, current altitude/azimuth
of Sun and Moon, Sun's and Moon's set- and rise-times as well as the
moons phase (turning your beacon into a pocket planetarium ✰ / sorry,
I'm astrophile and having all data at hand I couldn't help implementing
these functions)

- beacon can be configured to display data in m, ft, °C, °F, km/h, mph, kn

The remote GPS unit (you'll have to build this one first) Project "Astro-Clock" (for those who'd like to use the remote GPS unit
for more than just WSPR)
A digital clock synchronized by the remote GPS unit displaying time,
date, in- and outdoor temp. (a nice eye-catcher for your ham shack)
The beacon software (for details on the hardware, please follow the link
at the top and visit the WSPR 1.x project)