Ham radio

SDR software "BitRadio"

"BitRadio" belongs to the group of "classic" software defined radios that process complex sound (e.g. IQ-data provided by an IQ converter or receiver) using the sound card of a PC. In contrast to many other programs it is based on the Java™ programming language and executes within its own, save runtime environment (sandbox). That means that after removal no traces are being left behind nor does "BitRadio" require installation. In addition, the sandbox-approach allows the application to run on different operating systems and hardware platforms. Quite some effort was spent on automation, making "BitRadio" easy to use even for newcomers. Intuitive operation should not cause you any problems. A how-to-use file is, however, part of the software package. Although this project was closed in 2014 it might be resumed, provided that I have time for this.

If you'd like to program your own signal processing application that requires FFT, IFFT, FIR-Filter, Windows, etc., you may want to take a look at the core Java-classes that "BitRadio" consists of. To get source code, just send me an e-mail.

And from here you can download the "BitRadio 0.7" package (requires ORACLE JRETM 8 to be installed)